-- Investigate bite cases, livestock damages, nuisance calls, animal cruelty, and abuse reports
-- Impound stray, diseased, and uncontrollable animals
-- Return animals upon redemption to owners
--Enforce animal control ordinances by answering complaints and patrolling designated areas
-- Issue warning notices and citations, which are filed in appropriate courts
-- Euthanize unwanted, wild, unclaimed, rabid, sick or injured animals
--Examine animal licenses and vaccination records for validity
-- Educate the public in regards to animal control ordinances and responsible animal care
--Conduct surveys as required on animal health, safety and control
--Operate agency animal shelters
--Issue animal licenses and provide vaccinations to animals, parasite control products and microchip identification (NEW: Launch date January 2017)
--Collect fees, issue receipts and make deposits
-- Maintain daily activity records on all actions taken, and submit reports on a daily and weekly basis
--Develop relationship with Navajo Nation courts and prosecutors
--Maintain cooperative working relationships with Navajo Police Department, Social Services, Division of Health, Veterinary Clinics and outside Law Enforcement agencies

CJY-64-18 Newly Amended Navajo Nation Animal Control Ordinance (PDFs) Ordinance Booklet & Educational Presentation


Request for Assistance
Call DNR Central Dispatch for Services
(928) 871-6491/7041

Report Dog Bite / Vicious Dog
Report Livestock Damage by dogs
Animal (Dog & Cats) Surrender
Reporting Loose and Stray Dogs / Cats
Reporting Injured/Sick Animals (Dogs/Cats)

Shiprock - Stacy Daw
Ft Defiance - Vincent Tsosie
Crownpoint - Patrick Leo
Many Farms - George Skeet
Kayenta - Greg Pahe
Tuba City - LeAndra John

Please include in email
Phone Number:
Place of Residence:
Nature of Complaint / Request:

Animal Impoundment, any animal not kept in conformity with the Animal Control Laws may be impounded, or a citation may be issued to the owner to appear in court; or both. jump

Lost Pet Form (pdf)


Navajo Nation Animal Control Presentation (pdf) This is a larger document and may take some time to download. Content contains some graphic images that may not be suitable for younger patrons.

  Helpful Information:

2019 CLVC / Shelter Information

Shelter Animal Service Delivery / Cost of Animal Wellness Services

Voluntary Animal Surrender Sites

Table of Penalties

Rabies Vaccination

Canine Distemper Vaccination

Feline Distemper Vaccination

Parasites Cats / Dogs

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