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1. Are you an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation? 

2. Where do you live? (Town/City, State)

3. What is your age?

4. Education Level?       

5. What is your job/career?

6. What do you do in your spare time or for leisure? (e.g. farming, hunting, fishing, etc.)

300 characters max

7. What role is the land in your life and how is it important to you?

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8. Is using the land today more important than conserving it for the future?

9. For each of the statements below, consider how you use the land today and how you view land use today. Indicate whether you Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, or Strongly Agree by using the scale below:

10. Recently, you may have noticed that climate change has been gaining increasing attention in the news. Have you personally listened to, watched or read reports about climate change?

Yes, please indicate if mostly TV, Internet, Radio or other

11. Briefly, assuming you believe in climate change, what do you think are the causes of it?

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12. How high a priority should climate change be to the Navajo Nation government?        

13. Please evaluate the following statements and give your opinion using the scale below.

14. Using the scale below, please indicate to what extent you are concerned about the following areas possibly being impacted by climate change on the Navajo Nation.

15. How important is the issue of climate change to you personally?

16. Please use the scale below to indicate how much you think climate change will negatively impact the following:

17. When do you think climate change will begin harming people on the Navajo Nation?

18. If you think climate change is occurring, please answer this question. In your opinion, how might climate change harm your family?

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19. What are you willing to do about climate change to reduce its impacts? Check as many as you would adopt.

20. At the Navajo Nation level, which of the following policies and initiatives would you support to help reduce climate change? Check as many as you would support.

21. States that rely on the Colorado River are facing a severe drought since 2000. Which of the following contributes to this drought in your opinion? Please check as many as you feel are related to the drought.

22. Has this drought affected you and your family?  If so, please explain.

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23. Has this drought affected the Navajo Nation’s land? If so, please explain.

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24. Have you noticed the following changes in your local environment? Please check all that apply.

25. If you noticed any of the changes in the Question No. 24, explain what you think the causes are.

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26. If you noticed any of the changes in Question No. 24, how do such changes impact you, your family and the Navajo Nation?

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